Thanks Chuck :)

TechEd is always a bundle of joy! Friday afternoon last, happily preparing for my Windows Server presentation, Chuck calls me and tells me he has a speaker cancellation and do I know anything about the Office 2003 Local Installation Source. Nup...dont know that one.

Can you help me out with something else he says? So guess what. I get to pick a topic. “What are you short of?” I ask. “SharePoint”, Chuck replies. OK I can do that. How about Building Collaboration with Windows SharePoint Services and Office 2003? Done!

So now Im preparing for that too. Spent all day doing a slide deck for it and a few demos. I dont really like too many slides and would rather show it off so its kinda demo rich. Its gonna have a customer case study, one of my customers locally actually and what works and doesnt work for them and some demo configs and how to get the linkages working and what to do. Should be a good one.

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