Windows Server Feedback

Yesterday I got a piece of feedback relating to an RRAS issue with multiple modems from James Hancock. He commented;

“...I'd just be happy if RRAS actually knew when one of my dual modems disconnected, and automatically reconnected it for me instead of waiting until both fall down, or running on one modem for no good reason.

Same thing happens with PPPOE stuff too. It should reestablish automatically on any channel that goes down. Further there should be a way to right click on the channel that went down, and manually reestablish the link if you want...“

Did you know that you can provide qualified feedback directly to the Windows Server product team? Go to Windows Server Feedback (

You can provide good feedback about a feature or function that you think may add value, not just for yourself, but for other businesses and IT Pros around the world. The product team especially likes feedback where you have been able to articulate a business problem (ideally affecting others aswell) clearly and how your feature/function could potentially fix the issue.

There are also some Microsoft newsgroups that have some great support help available through the web at the Windows Server Community site. Post your question there and you're highly likely to get an answer that helps. Lots of people watch these groups including MVPs and MSFT people like myself.



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