Getting ready for TechEd 2004

Today Im preparing for TechEd 2004. Im presenting the Windows Server 2003 SP1 Under the Hood session. Ive gone over the presentation deck that was done in the US and Im thinking I might put some extra stuff in it if I can, like some bits on the Windows Server 2003 R2 release. The focus of it though is going to be around a lot of the security improvements we're taking from XPSP2 and rolling them into WS2003 SP1. The bit I like now is how you can manage the firewall of all your network environment centrally through Group Policy...going to show how thats done along with some more bits. I enjoy presenting at that conference and have presented for the last two years running. Its interesting when you later read the comments of the attendees. I find that with people attending TechEd theres such a broad spread of those who are new to IT and find the sessions fairly full on and those seasoned professionals that work in senior positions and comment how light the session was. Its tough getting the balance right but hopefully in my session Ill have something to offer both audiences while keeping it at the 300 level its posted as. Whats complicating my preparation time is my lack of sleep brought on by my 2 year old boy waking up in the middle of the night and me (stupidly) bringing him into bed with us. Why is it that kids move so much in their sleep? And just when I got over the 32 hour flight back to Perth from MGB in Atlanta!

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