Performance Tuning for Virtual PC

One easy way to raise the performance of Virtual PC is to exclude it from scanning by your AV-Software.

Use this with no warranties, and confer no rights.

For the Real time filters - set the following processes to be excluded:

  • virtualpc.exe
  • vssrvc.exe  

For the extensions ignoring:

  • VHD
  • VMC
  • VSV
  • VUD
  • VFD
  • ISO

Do you know other things to improve the performance? Let me know, use the feedback link!

Comments (3)

  1. Scott says:

    I’l try these – For some reason VPC runs terribly slow on my machine 🙁 (P4 3.0, 1GB ram) Thanks.

  2. Hi Michael,

    dazu fiel mir einiges ein, habe es in meinem Blog aufgelistet (fällt wohl unter "shameless hitchhiking of your topic" 😉 ).


    Feel free to translate / reblog / whatever 😉

    Grüße, Ulf

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