Ny Enterprise Windows Group Meets Thursday

The New York Enterprise Windows User Group of NYPC Presents Windows Vista by Noella Yeung Microsoft Windows Client Technology Specialist  Thursday, December 7, 2006   Abstract: The world that businesses are operating in is changing. Business success today largely revolves around people. Businesses don’t close deals, invent new products, or find new efficiencies. People do.  But…


Who says science isn’t fun?

this is awsome   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRRDzFROMx0   Thanks, Marc!


NY Exchange Users Group Meets Tomorrow

NEW POLICY – You must register to gain access to the Microsoft building, see the “Details about the meeting” below. Please register early to secure a spot.           Our upcoming New York Exchange User Group (NYExUG) meeting (Tue Nov 14th at 6pm) will be presented by EqualLogic that will feature an in-depth presentation about Storage Area…


TechNet Plus–Do You Get IT?

Announcing the availability dates of Windows Vista and Office 2007 through TechNet Plus subscriptions Following the RTM of Windows and Office in the last week, we are now able to confirm the dates when the RTM versions will be available through TechNet Plus subscriptions.   Microsoft Office 2007 Sunday November 12th   Windows Vista Friday…


Register for Launch Events Now!

Yesterday, Microsoft released the code for Windows Vista to our manufacturing partners. Windows Vista is on the way! We are planning a host of launch Activities for teh January to March timeframe, not just around Windows Vista, but office 2007 and Exchange 2007 as well. You can register today for these events at http://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/default.aspx?culture=en-US. register…


Windows Vista Releases to Manufacturing

Q&A: Windows Vista Released to Manufacturing As Windows Vista hits the Release to Manufacturing milestone, Microsoft looks back at what it took to build the most heavily tested, highest quality and most secure operating system in the company’s history. Related Links Press Releases: • Media Alert: Microsoft Announces Conference Call With Jim Allchin – Nov….



We have been begging for the right to give out vhd’s (virtual hard disk files that include OS and Applications) for our customers to be able to test new stuff and really get in there and break things and figure out how Microsoft Technology can work for you. Finally, the boys in legal have dotted all the…


NY Windows Enterprise Group Meets Tonight!

  ************************* Because of security procedure change at the Microsoft office, please make sure you are a registered member of the group on the NYeWin.org site for this and future meeting admissions.   *************************   Come and find out more on unified messaging, voice mail, Pocket PC and more.   Exchange 2007 is not your father’s old emails only…


Wednesday November 15th

Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) Lehigh Valley Chapter     Discussion Theme: “PPL Telcom – a View from the Supplier’s Side”   Speaker:  Mr. Edward Brignole, Director – Business Services, PPL Telcom, LLC   PPL Telcom is a “carrier’s carrier” of broadband fiber-optic services for high-speed data transmission. The unique blend of experience in…



Microsoft unvieled the packaging for Windows Vista and Office yesterday http://www.gizmodo.com/gadgets/software/microsoft-packaging-for-vista-and-office-2007-revealed-211251.php. I find it graphically elegant and understated, art moderne without a sychophantic cloying at the past, but rather a respectful nod to a more humble past while gazing confidently at the new horizon.  Yea, baby, it’s slick. 😉