NY Enterprise Windows Users Group Meets Thursday 2/5

Message from edwin Woo, President of teh NYeWin group:


This month’s meeting presenter Hank Voight is no stranger to our group. A few years back, when Hank was a Microsoft employee and part of the “Unix Men” Team, he presented the Windows Unix utility to our group. Now Hank has his own company and created a very useful software for enterprise sys admin to manage Unix, Linux and Mac environments from Windows MMC without having to add any services or daemons on the managed servers / desktops. The software was created with Microsoft .Net Framework API 3.5 and fully integrated with Active Directory. Isn’t that cool!


For those who have to manage mixed environment namely Linux and Mac, you don’t want to miss this.


For those who only do Windows now should come also and learn some new things to put in your resume. In this strange economic time, with all the mergers and consolidations, who knows what you will be asked to manage in your next assignment.


Of course, we will have the usual pizza, soda refreshment and a few swags like Vista OS and thermal coffee mugs.


Please go to our group’s webpage for event details and registration link: WWW.NYeWin.ORG


See you all there this Thursday,


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