Get Windows 7 Beta Download Now!

Last night at the Consumer Electronics Show, Mr. Balmer announced that the Windows 7 Beta bits will be available for download from the MSDN and TechNet subscriber immediately. An open download of the Beta will be available Friday after Noon PST. 

Microsoft Partners with MSDN or TechNet subscriptions can get the bits from this link, after logging into the Partner Portal.

At this site you can also download the Windows 7 Online Readiness Kit.

Windows 7 enables you to deliver strategic value—and grow services and licensing revenue. Review the Windows 7 Online Readiness Kit to better understand the capabilities of the Windows 7 operating system. The kit includes:

Learn about the new features of the Windows 7 operating system.

Find information that can help you effectively manage a Windows 7 deployment project.

Get a high-level overview of Windows 7 security, productivity, and management features for small business, midsize business, and enterprise audiences.

Learn more about Windows 7 by taking the Meet Windows 7 Small Business online training course.

Recommend Windows 7

Test and use Windows 7 Beta so that you can recommend it —and deploy it—with confidence. Then combine the resources in the Windows 7 Readiness Kit with a customer-ready presentation for midsize businesses and enterprise customer audiences to help start conversations about the benefits of Windows 7 for your customers

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Steve Ballmer announced during his CES keynote the immediate availability of the Windows 7 beta to TechNet

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