Windows Vista Netwrok Diagnostics Q&A Log

WOW, not many questions on Part 3. Join me for Part 4, Security Features in Windows Vista today at 2:30 EDT


Questions and Answers:

Asked: Where can I find information on NDF?

Answered: Check this link

Asked: Here's the correct link to the poem he mentioned:

Answered: Thanks!

Asked: A system is running slow, so I want to view or log what are running on that PC and locate the executables on the hard disk?

Answered: Check this link for a start to troubleshooting performance issues on a Windows Vista machine.

CTL-ATL-DEL and go into "Start Task Manager" Go into the processes tab and order them by CPU usage. That will give you an idea of what’s using the CPU resources. You can also find what processes are using memory too from that tool.



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