Windows Vista Webcast Series Q&A Log Part 1

Questions and Answers:

Asked: Do you plan on addressing the 3rd part vendor apps compatibility issues?

Answered: We will introduce the app compat tool

Asked: Where can I download the Application Compatibility Toolkit?

Answered: Here.

Asked: Microsoft Deployment is the next version of Business Desktop Deployment (BDD) 2007??

Answered Privately:  That is correct. Microsoft Deployment is the next version of BDD 2007.

Asked: when he is talking about BDD 2007 here does everything also apply to the new "Microsoft Deployement" tools and guidance?

Answered Privately:  Microsoft Deployment is the next version of BDD. I believe he is talking about Microsoft Deployment now, is there a specific feature you were asking about?

Responded: No specific question though. Just wanted to know if he was speaking specifically about BDD 2007 or the new Deployment... but I know now... thanks...


Asked: Where can I get the BDD Solution Accelerator Michael mentioned?

Answered: The BDD 2007 link he mentioned (from June 21st) is here.


Asked: btw, he just mentioned that "Microsoft Deployment" is beta. but it looks like it officially released TODAY!!!! YAY!!!

Answered:  Microsoft Deployment released TODAY here.  

Asked: Thanks, can I have his e-mail ?

Answered Privately:  It is

Asked: Re: New Microsoft Deployment (and older BDD): FYI: With technical tools like this, I really, _really_ want a printable form of the instructions to study, not just on-screen or 10000 help topics. Pretty please?

Answered: It looks like there is a fair amount of information that you could print on TechNet.  

If this doesn't meet your needs, you can address this with the product team directly through their blog.  

Asked: I learned recently that disabling the built-in admin account isn't enough of security mitigation, as anyone with the ability to snoop your SIDs can easily find it. I was told by someone whose initials are BVA that you really need to disable it AND rename it. Does MS Deployment offer you the ability to do this or would you have to address each machine independently?

Answered:  Legitimately, this is true, however, I would argue that in Windows Vista is much more difficult to snoop SIDS and then even if discovered you still have to do something with it and that is hard because the account is disabled. The easiest way to do what you are suggesting on a broad basis is to execute the change on your base image prior to the image capture, then deploy the image with the renamed and disabled account.


Asked: What type of network bandwith will be required to image multiple machines with Windows DS and BDD?

Answered Privately: Using Windows Deployment Services, you can create a multicast transmission to prevent the network being overburdened. This means the image will only be sent over the network once, which will drastically reduce the needed bandwidth.

Asked: How long does a conversion from XP to Vista take?

Answered: Ah... good question! There's a chart of "clean install" times here.  It's the Windows Vista product team's blog. They note that upgrading from XP adds at least 30 minutes to the installation time. Depending on the number of files, it can take up to two hours. (I'm assuming this is the conversion you were referring to -- upgrading a machine -- if not, feel free to let me know.) 🙂

Asked: Re: New Microsoft Deployment documentation: the new MSD includes Word .doc files, 30 of them. I'd really like one Word "master" document so I could print everything at once. I'll try to tell the msdeployment blog that...

Answered:  That's probably the best way to go. It's possible they even have something already.


Asked: where does one get ImageX executable?

Answered: ImageX is included in the Windows Automated Installation Kit, which you can download here.


Part 2 of the series will be Monday at 11:30 PST Event Code: 1032356607 Event Name: TechNet Webcast: Improving Desktop Security and Deployment (Part 2 of 7): Overview of Networking in Windows Vista (Level 200) Start Date: 11/12/2007

Asked: Is there a place to sign up this series of webcast?

Answered: Register for all the webcasts in this series and more here.


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