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Are you a wine enthusiast?


We’ve just completed and released a Vista sidebar gadget for   Have announcements of “Just In” wines from the catalog piped to your Vista sidebar. Filter by professional ratings, regions, varietals, and values (90 point rated wines under $20).  The gadget shows labels, wine notes, and links directly to product detail pages on the site.    Vertigo Software did the implementation.


We've also just released a very good case study of’s ASP.NET AJAX adoption.     They use it on their public site as well as in their internal customer support center, and were willing to be on record with some excellent hard numbers: Online conversion rate up 20 percent, customer service costs cut 58 percent, time to address damaged or misprocessed orders cut by 67 percent, annual customer service savings estimated at U.S.$500,000, bandwidth use cut by 87 percent.

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    For those of you unfamiliar with Windows Vista, we have a great feature reference called the Windows

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