Windows Server 2008 and Independent Security Research

the folks at have been putting the Longhorn Beta 3 through it's paces, see what they say:

 "After weeks of hammering, picking and probing, we walked away impressed. As Microsoft promised, Longhorn offers significant security improvements in the areas of setup and configuration, OS modularity and client health detection, plus an enhanced firewall and a new IP stack.

More subtly, you'll find the kind of attention to security details that Microsoft products have lacked in the past. Take, for example, the best little feature that you may never even notice: While the Initial Configuration tasks wizard is running, the server cannot be accessed through the network. Touches like this bode well. On a larger scale, Longhorn incorporates Microsoft's NAP (Network Access Protection) technology to provide added safeguards for remote-access connections."

 See the fill story here

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  1. Michael Katz says:

    The new server is expected to be a significant step forward to what we have now in Windows Server 2003 while not taking the into considerations the functionality provided within the third-party programs. I like the 3 new options for auditing directory that provide auditing for not only the service access but also for service changes and service replication. Most of all, I like that now that is possible to see changes i.e. to reveal what was the old setting for an modified attributed and how it was changed. Still i can’t say I am amazed with the level of representativeness. We are still limited to the revised but sticked to the same bounds event viewer. That seriously limits the possibility to observe changes within the domain. At the same very moment in the scriptlogic’s Active Administrator tool that we are now using here to perform auditing it’s possible to get a <a href="">detailed report</a> of the changes made to the AD. That is it possible to see on paper what were the changes, who made them and when. I like it because it allows tracking the security at more detailed level by providing the data filtering and presenting only the needed data. I hope they’ll embed some kind of query functionality in later builds. That aside I am impressed with what we’ll get in a few month later. Keep working on it!

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