No Death by PowerPoint!

I do a lot of presentations and see a lot of presentations. I love PowerPoint when used effectively to augment the presenter and hate it when PowerPoint is abused. Recently, I was told I had half an hour to present and was handed a deck with 26 slides. Yikes! I cut the deck to five slides and only got through three. But that's me.

Take a look at what these guys have done! I wasn't crazy about the "Chicken" guy-though I appreciated his absurdist/deconstructionalist approach. Don McMillan is just brilliant, while the Stand Up Economist will have fans of David Ricardo, as well as, those of us who can't balance our check books rolling in the aisles. Brilliant!



Comments (2)

  1. Eric, that’s freakin’ awesome!!! And provides the evidence for something I have always believed, PPT should support the presenter, not the presenter support the PPT. 🙂

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