Atlantic City Launch or 1 Down Six to Go!

Great day yesterday in AC. I shot a couple little clips with the camcorder leading up to the big day, my first of seven Windows Vista/Office 2007/Exchange 2007 launches. this was the scene about 5:00 PM Monday as the AV crew worked to finish the setup.

Around 11 pm I found myself amused by how ridiculously cluttered the little table in my room was and so I took some Video. At 1:15 in the morning, just as I was getting ready to bed down for the night, I was seized by an uncontrollable desire to go downstairs and make sure everything was all right. It was. So I talked to the security guard and shot some footage. The guard was a good guy, but didn't want to be on camera and mic didn't really pick up his voice, but that's who I'm talking to.

This is the best. The people in AC were awesome! These guys were so great, they did the WAVE! Really good times!

Tomorrow is Secaucus! SRO with well over 700 registered for the IT Pro Track alone! If you are one of those 700, get here early! See you then.




Comments (5)

  1. Kevin Remde says:

    Dude.. the WAVE!  What fun!

    I’m going to do that for my videos out of Milwaukee and Madison this week.

  2. Jason Tarby says:

    Thank you very much!  I enjoyed your presentation and found it extremely informative.  

  3. required says:

    Funny stuff, Murph.  Reminds me a lot of an episode of Sanford and Son.  You DA man.

  4. James Zepp says:

    I just want to comment that I know personally as an MCT how hard it can be to keep a "captive" audience when trying to explain new technology to a large crowd of people.  What I experienced at Mr. Murphy’s event is something that is very rare in the many TS2, TechEd, and other various technical events I have attended.  It can only be described as fun.  It is presenters like this, which can really excite an entire IT crowd with such flare and personality, while adding an element of fun that make the time fly.  Microsoft needs more speakers like you!

  5. Tim Reed says:

    Michael thank you very much!  You put on a great presentation. You provided us all with a alot of information with the time that you had.  

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