NY/NJ Launch Events Registration Closed :-(

The Newark (really the Meadowlands) Launch Event on 1/25, as well as the NYC Launch Events, both this Tuesday, January 16th and Tuesday, February 20th, have CLOSED registration. We are full up. Launch Events all across the country are CLOSING. If you have not yet registered for a Launch Event near you, I encourage you to do so immediately. http://www.microsoft.com/business/launch2007/signup/default.mspx.

In the NYC/NJ Metro area your options are drive down to Atlantic City on January 23rd (hang out--we'll hit the Roulette table afterwards) or Hauppauge, LI on March 1st. Both these events will Close Registration, Register now and receive a complimentary copy of Office 2007 Professional and Groove 2007 when you attend.

If you were unable to get registered in Rochester, Albany is still open, but will close before long.  

Where are all my peeps in Scranton, PA? Come on, folks, well, if you can't get in anywhere else, it looks like Scranton has lots of seats open--welcome to coal country. If anybody from the city ends up coming to Scranton, because everything else is sold out--we'll go over to the Bog afterward--good times, good times. 🙂 

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  1. Are you going to be doing the Albany show for the IT track in the morning? I attended the last Albany Technet event that you did and you’re a great presenter. I’m a fan of your podcast interviews on TechNet Radio, too!

  2. Oh yeah, man, there’s an event in Scranton, PA. Tell your friends and blog about it, Kyle. Much easier to get to (for you and me) than the Meadowlands and Scranton won;t be nearly as crowded. Scranton registration has oicked up though, folks. Don;t assume you’ll be able to get in because it’s Scranton. Get registered before the event closes.

  3. Hay, GB, thanks, man! Yeah, I’ll be presenting in Albany February 15th.Albany is filling quickly with only about 200 open registrations left. Register now at http://www.acrossamericalaunch.com/itpro.

    Hope to see you there.

  4. Kyle Mahaney says:

    Wait theres a launch event in Scranton??? oh well, I’ve already signed up for the meadowlands one.

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