More Addictive than Elf Bowling!

Try this out, what fun!

The trick is to get the penguin skipping over the snow like a stone on the water. Too high an arc and the penguin ends up like a lawn dart in a snow bank. Swing just about when the penguin's head is covering the yeti's face.

 My personal best after 4 minutes: 317.2. I don't know if that's feet, metres or yards and it doesn't matter.

 Happy Happy Holidays everyone!

Amend that: 320.7!!! Seven Minutes

322.9 eight minutes--oh god I feel my vacation ebbing away!!!!!

Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Here try this one.

    So far I sent one 1213.3

  2. Damn! only 1120.3! nice one Shane, Thanks! I just wish the penguin would keep his head up on the high arcs so that he would bounce along the ice instead of nose diving! 🙂

  3. required says:

    Fun game!  Thanks for the link!!

  4. required says:

    The game is cool; thanks for posting the link.

    Murph, you rule!!!

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