TechNet NYC Oct 5th

Active Directory and Exchange 2007

I will be at the Union Square Theater, 13th and Broadway, on October 5th, 8am. We will be looking at one of my all time FAVORITE subjects, Active Directory, and getting deep with Exchange 2007.

If you have never been to a TechNet event, let me give you the lowdown. We'll meet for four hours. We'll spend about 2 hours discussing  AD and about  2 hours discussing Exchange 2007.

Here are the session abstracts:

Harness the Power of Active Directory
Who doesn’t need more power and control? Join the TechNet Events team and learn how to secure your Active Directory database while taking advantage of the power and control functions. You’ll also pick up some hands-on tools and techniques that will make your existing security features even more ironclad. Next, we’ll cover group policy control features and detail the inner workings of both the group policy and ADM templates.  Finally, we’ll explore the future of Active Directory and demonstrate the cool new features coming in the Windows Vista and Longhorn Server timeframe. Don’t miss this fun and informative session.

In this session, you’ll learn:

• How to secure your Active Directory and apply the power and control functions
• Hands-on techniques to strengthen existing security features
• Group policy control features and ADM templates

Message Security, Compliance and Message Protection with Exchange Server 2007
Your e-mail system is constantly being bombarded with unwanted and undesirable messages, and as a messaging administrator, it’s your job to keep the system as clean as possible.  As a result of recent accounting scandals and the global terrorism threat, governments and their agencies may also require your organization to store pertinent e-mail messages and produce them on request.  It’s not exactly an easy task. And finally, keeping e-mail secure while in transit is enough to keep you up at night, especially while potentially sensitive messages are traveling through your organization or moving to other organizations across un-trusted networks including the Internet. In this interactive session, you’ll learn how the upcoming Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 addresses all these concerns with policies and powerful new functionalities that are simple to set up and easy to administer. 

This session will explore:

• How to keep e-mail systems clean with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
• New functionalities that make it easier to secure e-mail while in transit
• Best ways to store e-mail messages and produce them on request

Register for this event go here and in the Quick search on the right search event ID 1032307433. Thnaks, hope to see you there!

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