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40 Years of Star Trek Memorabilia ---Going once, Going twice--SOLD!

OK...I'm trembling as write this...have you SEEN this????!!! Christie's is autioning off 1000's of pieces of Star Trek costumes, set pieces, phasers, communicators, wall plaques, models, ...Tribbles! From the original series, it's progeny AND the films! Tribbles alone are expected to fetc a whopping $1000 to $1500 while the bridge chair Captain Kirk used may go for as much as $250,000!

Interest in the auction is expected to be so high that Christie's is assigning seats by lottery. Each lottery winner may bring one guest, so your best bet is to team up with a buddy and both of you apply hoping one of you gets in and can then bring the other. You will also need to provide bank account info and specify the line of bank draft you want available for your use at the auction...this is not for the faint of heart!

See the official Christie's page here

CNET has a good gallery here's release and links

I'd like to also formally announce the Win a Date With MJ Murphy Contest, list me as your guest when you register and I will personally escort you to the auction! Throughout the course of the day I will engage you in arguments about why each successive series was better than the one before, why the episode to explain the Klingon change in appearance was a waste of time and why Janeway was one of the all time best Star Ship Captain's...I know controversial stuff! LOL


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