DAMN MAN, This Rocks!

WinHEC Keynote, Jeff Woolsey on Virtualization

I can not wait until Longhorn is out! Wait until you see the Virtualization technology built into the next generation of the Windows  Server Platform: Hardware Assited Virtualization, 32x and 64x VM's running concurrently, uniprocessor and multiprocessor VM's running on the same hardware, easy mgration of current vhd's and support for RED HAT.

How about hot addition of network connex and MEMORY! UNREAL! And on the subject of memory, we are shattering the 3.6 GB limit of Virtual Server, try more than 32 GB of RAM per virtual machine! How about 8 processors? You'll be able to in Longhorn Virtualization! Awesome, awesome, awesome see the video from the WinHEC keynote at http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/winhec/default.mspx, the virtaulization piece is at about the 30 minute mark.

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