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Dot Net Valley Users Group Meets

The next .NET Valley meeting will be held on Wednesday May 24th at Johnson College, Scranton PA. A map of the campus can be found here. We will meet in the Moffat building in computer lab 102. The event will begin at 6pm.

Presenting for .NET Valley first will be Michael Murphy, a Microsoft TechNet Presenter. The second presenter will be Rachel Appel, a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Presentation 1: Security and Incidence Response Handling
6:00pm - 6:45pm
"I think we've been hacked. Call the boss." What now? Join us as we discuss the most common types of security incidents and how to manage them. You'll learn how to detect and trace network intrusions and apply communication channels that will help you gain valuable information about the attacks. Your TechNet presenter will also show you how to evaluate the human side of incident response, including attacker analyses. Finally, you'll learn what to do when you suspect that your system is compromised and how to apply information gathered from security logs. Don't just react to an attack - respond with a plan.

Presentation 2: ASP.NET 2.0 Site Navigation and Menus
7:00pm - 7:45pm
This presentation explains how to create a site map and bind the site map data source to data controls. Details include creating a site map file, using the site map data source, creating menus and site map pages based on the site map data source & file.

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