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Windows Media Player 11 Beta--Get it Now!

WMP 11 Beta is out this AM. Very cool - lots of good reasons to check it out!!!



I've been playing with it now for the last hour or so and not only does it just look so much cooler, but the overall redesign and the menus are improved for faster, easier access and usablity. Furthermore, the Urge integration puts a wealth of free music and subscription based music at my fingertips. If you jave kids check out Urge Kids for some great free stuff, including (even though I hate them, the kids love them) the dreaded Wiggles!


Here's a great review from MP3 Insider on CNET


Comments (2)

  1. DavidU says:

    Just thought you should know that in IE7 your sidebar covers the right part of your post.

  2. MJMurphy says:

    Thanks, man, I need to to do a whole blog redesign. Hoping to get to that in June.

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