Migrating Exchange 5.5 to 2003


On Friday I had an awesome webcast, Mibgrating Exchange 5.5 to 2003. Here's the Q&A log and the link to the recording


Question: migration 5.5 to 2k3 can be used for ex2k to ex2k3 as well ?

Answer: Technically - Yes. But there is a separate support article/whitepapers/webcasts on 2000 --> 2003 migrations.


Question: For the ADC. Do you have to have an Exch 2003 server in place for it to work? Can I install the ADC with an Exch 5.5 org with AD 2000?

Answer: The ADC is there to synch Exchange 5.5 Directory Service to Active Directory. Exchange 2003 is not required. See the following for ADC requirements --- http://support.microsoft.com/?id=823601


Question: Will this webcast be available for replay later? How about offline download and replay? Thanks

Answer: ALL Webcasts are recorded. They are posted back to the http://www.microsoft.com/webcasts site in 24-48 hours. Usually they are made available for offline viewing as well.


Question: article number ?

Answer: Since we are talking about Support/White papers and Webcasts, the best search is to hit http://www.microsoft.com and search on "upgrade Exchange 2000 to 2003" or "migrate exchange 2000 to 2003" I would also suggest the Exchange Tech Centers on TechNet at --- http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/exchange/2003/deployment.mspx


Question: Can I convert my AD to native mode and still work with EX5.5?

Answer: No. See the following for reference --- http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/exchange/guides/Ex2k3DepGuide/84fd1f06-cf90-43fe-b836-f21b2fa88d4d.mspx


Question: is exchange 2003 limited to 16gb? may not be appropriate question for this, we currently use 5.5 now

Answer: Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2 raises the Database storage limits. See the following for new limits --- http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/evaluation/sp2/overview.mspx


Question: Thanks, can I migrate my current AD 2000 to AD 2003 and still work with EX5.5?

Answer: yes.


Question: We are upgrading from 5.5 to 2003 exchange by adding the 2003 to coexist with current 5.5 exchange server. All of the deployment tools have worked so far. However In phase three of the migration we have an error with the organization check of active directory failing.

Answer: I won't be able to support and resolve that issue in this forum. I would recommend hitting the Exchange News groups or the Exchange support options for a resolution.


Question: 16gb IS's is enterprise only then, or standard too?

Answer: 16 Terabytes....yes, in Enterprise, 75 GB in Standard 2003 with SP2. http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/evaluation/overview/default.mspx  

POST-SP2 Limits --- http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/evaluation/sp2/overview.mspx


Question: Where I can find CDO update to 5.5.2657.55 or later

Answer: I just did a search for "CDO Update 5.5.2657.55" and found this --- http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;818709


Question: Will a migration to E2k or E2k3 have to be in place for the future E12 migration? or will you be able to migrate from E5.5 to E12?

Answer: I do not expect there to be a direct migration scenario from 5.5 to Exch 12.


Question: what about 2K to e12?

Answer: Possibly since 2000/2003 are very similar and both are AD based.


Question: Since MS has security issue on Media Player Ver 10.0 on Exchange 2003, do you have downloadable Media Player 10 similar to MediaPlayer10.msi so that I can upgrade it via script?

Answer: First - What security issue are you referring to? Second -- Media Player 10 currently only has a .EXE file for installation.

Question: Microsoft does not support 5.5 any more?

Answer: See this site for Exchange Support Lifecycle -- http://support.microsoft.com/lifecycle/?p1=1776


Question: so if an organization is still on exchange 5.5, when E12 comes out, and they haven’t upgraded to E12, they will have to purchase 2k/2k3 Exchange, then purchase E12? or is MS assuming by the time E12 comes out, no one will be on 5.5? Cost issues for small companies with small amounts of $$

Answer: This is the same as "If an org is still on Windows NT 4.0 and Longhorn comes out, will someone have to purchase Windows 2000/2003 to upgrade" We can not support applications indefinitely. My statement was that *I* don't believe we will have a direct migration path. However, I am not an Exchange 12 Developer or Product Manager. History would suggest there is not going to be a direct migration path.


Question: The forest prep extend the schema/prepares the AD for E2k3 correct?

Answer: Correct.


Question: The schema regulates how objects are organized in AD correct?

Answer: Yes - schema -- the definition of an entire database; the universe of objects that can be stored in the directory is defined in the schema. For each object class, the schema defines what attributes an instance of the class must have, what additional attributes it may have, and what object class can be a parent of the current object base. See the following glossary for this definition


Question: Is there a GC in every domain in your forest? Or is there on GC for the entire forest?

Answer: By default, the first domain controller installed for a Forest is also the Global Catalog Server for that Forest. You can move this role to another machine. It is recommended to have at least TWO GC's (like most services) for redundancy. For Exchange GC requirements and suggestions, see the following --- http://support.microsoft.com/kb/875427


Question: do you need to run ADC on ex2k to migrate to ex2k3 ?

Answer: No.


Question: What about during this process you’re running ADC and you get the warning there are still files that have not been replicated on exchange 5.5? I have read where as long as you verify exchange 5.5 and AD is replicating then you can proceed?

Answer: This article discusses using the ADC and setting up the connection agreements and what needs to take place before moving forward --- http://support.microsoft.com/kb/296260/


Question: If you already have Active Directory user database installed and running, do you need to install ADC and run it when upgrading from Exch 5.5 to Exch 2003?

Answer: You can't upgrade directly from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003. You would have to migrate the data and that is where the ADC comes in. It allows for replication of the Exchange 5.5 Directory Services Objects into the Windows based Active Directory "directory"


Question: If you select the "Complex Passwords" option, while migrating accounts from NT, how would an administrator know the passwords created?

Answer: They are written to a log file.


Question: If you run ADC and it fails or what ever happens can you rerun it?

Answer: Yes --- It could fail in two basic areas. 1) the install of the ADC ---- In this case you would simply run the ADC setup again and t-shoot from there. 2) the configuration of the connection agreements. ---- In which case you would start at Step 1 and run through the steps again.


Question: how do you mark a mailbox as a resource account?

Answer: It is a logical "marking" this would be a mailbox used to reserve a room or items. No one usually logs into the mailbox directly.


Question: IF you have successfully setup a two way CA with your 5.5 server and it now is not replicating any objects anymore from AD to Exchange directory and vice versa can I recreate the CA?

Answer: You would delete the existing agreement first, then you could recreate.


Question: What if it does find records not replicated to the 5.5 exchange server? However after further testing it appears as every thing is replicated? Can you ignore the warning or not?

Private Answer: This would depend on what is being reported and what objects are supposedly not replicating.


Question: I’m curious to know can we migrate the mailboxes from 5.5 to AD using ADC

Answer: No. The Active Directory Connector is used to replicate/migrate directory infomation. To migrate the actual mailboxes you would use EXMERGE --- http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=429163ec-dcdf-47dc-96da-1c12d67327d5&displaylang=en or the Move Mailbox Wizard, if your Exchange 2003 server is installed into the 5.5 Organization.


Question: is mobile compatible with competitor's devices?

Answer: To implement the direct push and other features requires Exchange 2003 SP2 on the server and the mobile device must be Windows Mobile 5.0 with the Messaging Security Feature Pack installed. MSFP info is here --- http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/business/5/default.mspx


Question: Exchange 2003 have inbuilt backup and restore facility ? or purchase third party application for backup and restore

Answer: When Exchange 2003 gets installed, it updates the NTBACKUP utility to allow for Exchange backups. 3rd Party Backup utilities will need to have an Exchange Agent (usually a separate license and charge) to be able to back up a live Exchange Server


Question: Is Direct Push technology compatible mobile devices available?

Answer: You can implement a form of Direct Puch with AUTD SMS messaging -- See the following --- http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/exchange/2003/autd.mspx


Question: Is this (phising) the support of SPF records?

Answer: No reverse lookup, mostly


Question: with exchange 2003, can you do OWA behind a pix dmz?

Answer: OWA uses standard TCP Port 80 and that is it. As long as your device allows port 80 to pass then OWA can work. If you enable SSL then what ever port use use (TCP 443 is the default SSL Port) must be able to pass as well

Question: will my exchange 5.5 be operating during migration?

Answer: yes.



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