IT Heroes Episode IX

How Technology Survived the Worst Natural Disaster in the History of the United States: Part II

Intercosmos Media Group, Inc. is one of the Top 10 internationally accredited domain name registrars, owning and operating To date the company has registered more than 2.5 million domain names since launching in 1999. In the 23rd annual Inc. 500 rankings, Intercosmos was named the 68th fastest growing private company in the United States, having grown more than 5,000 percent in five years. Their data center of several hundred servers is located on the 10th floor of an office building in downtown New Orleans.

Following hurricane Katrina, for nearly three weeks without power or water these men kept their customers mission critical systems up and available. Hear how they did it. We speak with CEO, Sigmund Solares, and the Senior VP of Software Development, Donnie Simonton, about their preparations, remediation, and true grit in the face of tragedy.

This interview is the ninth in a new podcast series, IT Heroes: Stories from the Trenches; these are the real stories of men and women in IT making a difference everyday. We talk with authors, innovators and implementers about emerging technologies, troubleshooting and remediation of common infrastructure issues and charitable contributions in the community.  We seek to educate and provide a forum for open discussion of the many uses for and specific ways in which people are everyday exploiting technology to create opportunities for themselves and others.

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  1. mike says:

    You think that by deleting the truthful comments that isnt doing what they’re doing and duping millions of people in the process?

    Maybe just read this article:

    and then note that Kenya Tech claims they are located in Kenya.  They also take Paypal.  However, Paypal reports that they do not do business with firms located in Kenya.

    The IP address for is  Checking any IP address locator (such as Geobytes) reports this server is located in Larose, Louisiana.

    Looking up the same address in the ARIN database shows this IP is assigned to I-55 Internet Services in Hammond, Louisiana.

    As of January 2005, Paypal reports Kenya Tech has participated in 98 Paypal transactions.  However, Paypal cannot say whether those were successful and whether the buyers were happy.

    Deleting the post wont make any of us stop trying to get people to understand just what, exactly, is going on down in New Orleans.  

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