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DirecTV and Microsoft make love connection
1/5/2006 9:40:41 PM, by Eric Bangeman

Las Vegas — At last night's keynote, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates outlined his vision for the connected home of the future. As expected, Windows Media Center is one of the centerpieces of the software giant's plans. A new partnership between Microsoft and DirecTV alluded to last night by Gates and confirmed tonight at DirecTV's press conference here at CES is good news for owners of Windows Media Center PCs.

DirecTV and Microsoft have signed a long-term agreement that will tightly integrate DirecTV's programming with PCs running Windows Media Center edition, the Xbox 360, and some portable devices. Most significantly, HTPC owners will be able to forego usage of DirecTV set-top boxes, as their PCs will be able to function as a DirecTV receiver. This includes all of DirecTV's high-definition content, which makes this the first time DirecTV's HD programming will be available without using a receiver.

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Comments (2)

  1. Blake Handler says:

    Would YOU be the one to explain to my wife, why we’ll be switching from cable to DirectTV? ha ha

    Looking forward to an exciting 2006 year with Microsoft!

  2. Blake, with all due respect, I was never able to explain ANYTHING to my wife. I would never be so presumptous as to think I would have any better luck with yours. We love you, ladies. We just don’t understand you. 🙂

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