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Stefan Weitz and Chandana Hathin:Microsoft Windows Server Customer Connection Group

My friends at NYeWin meet next Thursday, January 5, 2006 with presentations by Stephan Weitz and Chandana Hathin.

Chandana Hathi is leading the way in developing how MS ramps up interactions with user groups by offering better support, more content, and resources that previously have not been available. In this discussion, Chandana and Stefan will show both the new Basic and Premium offerings, how you can get involved, and ask for your feedback.

Additionally, we will be talking about another new effort – theworkingnetwork.com. The site is designed to introduce you to new ways to stay informed and get connected using the newest Web2.0 tools. Come see how you can better your knowledge and career by hooking into one of the most powerful networks around – The Working Network.

Go directly to the NYeWin site here.

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