More Addictive than Elf Bowling!

Try this out, what fun! The trick is to get the penguin skipping over the snow like a stone on the water. Too high an arc and the penguin ends up like a lawn dart in a snow bank. Swing just about when the penguin’s head is covering the yeti’s face.  My personal best…


Bioshock Trailer Premiered at Video Game Awards on Spike

Nick Brutal at posted the new Bioshock Trailers at He says there’s no “better reason” to upgrade to the Xbox 360. When at destructoid today I came across an interesting, if somewhat overly simplified, analysis of Sexism In Video games It’s looks like a college student’s paper as video–not bad actually, but then right…


"He says he is the property of one Obi Wan Kenobi"–C3P-O Episode IV

Do you like robots? Would you like a simplier, faster way to create and program robots? Introducing the Micrososft Robotics Studio! This is freakin’ cool. Read the Q&A with Tandy Trower This dude is a 25 year Microsoft veteran and a genius (like every MS employee <blush> LOL–no this guy really is). Listen to…


Bad Boyz, Bad Boyz, Wha’cha gonna do?

With thanks to Chris Lineback for calling this to my attention–this is cool! “COLUMBUS, Ohio – With a quick imprint of a suspect’s two fingers on a handheld device, Columbus police can get instant access to the person’s identity without making a trip to the booking office.The department announced this week it is testing 40…


Forefront Security Webcast Series

Have you heard of Microsoft forefront? If not, you will soon. It’s our comprehensive line of business security products providings greater protection and control through integration with your existing IT infrastructure and through simplified deployment, management, and analysis. Forefront is a comprehensive solution that helps provide protection for the client operating system, application servers, and…


NY Exchange Users Group Meets Tomorrow Night

Our upcoming New York Exchange User Group (NYExUG) meeting (Tue Dec 11th at 6pm) will be presented by Microsoft’s own NY Messaging Specialist Team Member, Angie Livermore. The meeting will be the group’s Exchange 2007 Launch Event. So, come and learn about Exchange 2007, implementation, deployment and all the new great features.   Meeting Agenda- Exchange 2007 Launch Event by Messaging Technology…


Ecma Standard 376 – Office Open XML formats

Brian Jones reports the inside story from an insiders perspective on the process of approval for Office Open XML Formats as an Ecma Standard. From Brian’s blog posting: “It’s finally official. Today the Ecma General Assembly voted almost unanimously to approve the Office Open XML formats as an official Ecma standard. They also voted to…


Exchange 2007 RTM’s

Yesterday, Terry Myerson, Exchange GM, signed off on the release of the Exchange 2007 bits to manufacturing.Get it from the horse’s mouth, read Terry’s blog post here


What is an Evangelist?

So— I have been fairly non-communicative here for awhile, now, as well as in other areas of my life, but I feel a sea change brewing as it so often does after a lengthy period of introspection.  I can tell you when my current hibernation cycle began, it was Thursday, June 22nd.  Wednesday had been a spectacular…


Windows Vista Product Guide Available

Go get it now!