SQL/VS 2005 Best of Launch Events!

Week 4 Of the SQL and Visual Studio Launch This is week four of the launch and my third week on the road. I had an awesome time at the NYC launch last week! Thank you to the 1000 people who did the wave in my session with Mike McGeehan! That was really great! This is…


IT Heroes Episode IV

Microsoft Product Support Specialist Jay Brummett Today we are speaking with Microsoft Product Support Specailist Jay Brummett. Jay has been in Microsoft PSS for over five years, specializing in Networking, ISA (Internet Security and Acceleration Server) and LCS (Live Communication Server). We discuss some common misconfigurations, DNS dependencies and what customers should know before they call…


IT Heroes Episode III

Zotob, Zero Day Exploits and Life on the Internet Today we are talking to Chris Courchesne, Security Analyst in the Security Operations Center of a Fortune 500, $4 billion a year anti-virus and managed security operations business (his legal department didn’t give permission to mention the company or its customers by name). We spoke with…


SQL Question from Buffalo

RAW Partitions in SQL 2005 An attendee from the Buffalo Best of SQL 2005 Launch event posted this question to my blog. :This is Rao Setty from Buffalo NY. I hope you remember me from TechNet @ Buffalo on 11/10/05. I told you I’m going to post some questions regarding SQL Server 2005 since there…



Geeks With Blogs! If you’re looking for good interviews with technology experts, check out what  Jeff Julian and John Alexander from Geeks With Blogs are doing. They’ve launched a podcast show at http://www.podcaststudio.net/Default.aspx . The guest this week is Robert Hurlbut, Microsoft Security MVP. He discusses Security Best Practices, encryption preferences, and Visual Studio 2005 security enhancements. This show…


How secure is Microsoft?

Deploying PKI at Microsoft This is an old posting, but I just came across it and found it really interesting. IT Showcase endeavors to publicize to the IT community how we do things at MS. In this white paper IT Showcase communicates the experience of Microsoft in deploying its own corporate PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)….


I want a new PC but Should I wait for Vista?

Thinking of buying a PC? You may want to make certain it’s Vista ready. See the hardware guidance http://www.microsoft.com/technet/windowsvista/evaluate/hardware/vistarpc.mspx  Windows Vista Ready PCs and Customer BenefitsWindows Vista Ready PCs facilitate transition to Windows Vista by providing hardware requirements and guidelines to customers so they can make informed decisions on Windows Vista capable PC purchases and…


XBOX 360 is Coming

XBOX 360 —- Jump In! This is the best Xbox commericial I have seen yet http://dwl.xbox-scene.com/video/xbox360-ad.wmv


IT Heroes Episode Two

Microsoft and Katrina Relief When Katrina hit the gulf coast tens of thousands of Americans were left with nothing. Support poured into the area from all quarters; Military, Federal, NGO, Private Sector and private individuals came together to do what they could in the face of this massive disaster. In this second episode of IT Heroes we…


IT Heroes is Live!

IT Heroes! Stories from the Trenches Today marks one of the most anticipated product launches in Microsoft history. Today we launch SQL 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 and revolutionize the database world and the developer world. In keeping with that theme here is a 20 minute interview with Bill Zack, one of the co-authors of…