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What Will You Do to Help?

Just as we did after 9/11, in the wake of the devastation in the Mississippi Delta Americans are banding together in solidarity with their brothers and sisters whose lives have been shattered. I was blown away today listening to NPR when I heard a woman from Idaho saying that she would open her home to a displaced family. She said she would post the offer on Craig's List.

I was just browsing Craig's List and there are over a 1000 listings offering temporary housing for victims of Katrina. Listings like this:

Empty Nesters have room

If you are considering relocating, we have several empty bedrooms in our old, comfy house. Nothing fancy, but safe and solid. We could accommodate a couple with a child or part of a family needing sanctuary while others put things back together. Or singles. We are not far from Boston. We could be a temporary stop on the road to recovery, perhaps for several months. Our roof- your motivation.

Nice Room in Dallas for 4 single mom and family

I am a single mom with a two year old. We have an extra bedroom in our apartment with nice bunk beds and empty furniture and I have an inflatable mattress to use. Plenty of food, and whatever help I am able to provide I can and will. I would prefer to help someone with child/children, being a mother I know what it is like and can understand. Nice secured apartment w/ washer dryer and you can have your own bathroom as well. 3 pools, and a playground. If Oh yea, free long distance so dont worry about calling home.

God Bless

lesbian will share home with lesbian or couple/pets

I am a healthcare professional, have a teen son, dog, cat, parrot, fish... house is small and usually a mess, but there is space for another bed, there are two bathrooms, and we're friendly. 🙂 Will gladly share what we have while you recover from your losses. Pets ok as long as they won't eat my bird!

Sitting here in my comfortable office, smoking cigarettes and drinking Red Bull while Larry King interviews Gov. Barbour and Sen. Landrieu as images of people trapped on roofs in submerged neighborhoods play behind him, I am deeply, deeply moved. I am reminded of NYC after 9/11, the confusion, the destruction, the aid flooding in. I remember,  standing in line with strangers long into the night on the docks at Exchange Place, passing foodstuffs, rubber gloves and medical supplies to load the barges heading to ground zero.

I know there are people in LA and MS working hard to do what they can to help. And, as Jack Kennedy suggested, I ask myself, what can I do for my countrymen today? I ask you to do the same.May God hold us all in the palm of his hand.

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