Tuesday at TechEd

OK, the wi-fi is simply not enough to accomodate the traffic. My blog post yesterday failed and I can't VPN. It looks like I'm going to have to write these as it happens and then try to post at night or later in the week.

I'm working the Hands on Labs which are staffed by MCT's from around the world. I'm working with some great Austrailians. My mates, Kyle and Wayne, are great guys and working hard to help everybody with the labs. Labs are going well, though we have a few obstacles in our way. The Product teams and the Hands on Lab staff are working like mad to get it together for today. Some of these guys are working around the clock.

I saw Bernard Wong today (in the same clothes he was wearing yesterday, looking beat after spending the night building out the X-64 machines for the labs. The machines are weak. Somebody thought that 1 or 2 GB of RAM was enough to show off the 64 bit OS. Bernard got on the phone and is expecting 80 GB chips later today--super cool!

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