Digital Blackbelt Series

My buddy Joe Stagner, whom those of you in the New England area know from his live MSDN events, is executing his Security webcast series! For all those of you who write your own code or are just getting started here's a great opportunity to learn from a guy whose been around the block (and around and around and around.....) !

Hackers are busier than ever. Do you know how they attack? Is your code ready to stand up against those attacks? If you answered no to either of these questions, tune in for the Digital Blackbelt webcast series as Developer Community Champion Joe Stagner discusses security risks, vulnerabilities, and solutions from the software developer's perspective. He will provide real-life examples and security tips and tricks that can help you gain the knowledge and techniques to become an experienced “blackbelt” in writing secure code.

Joe is a great presenter and this series has been a project he's worked long and hard to realize. It should be a real winner.

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Joe and I have presented many times together in New England and New York and there's a running joke between us. I carry a number of portable digital devices with me and it seems as though the batteries are always running out. Joe's like a boyscout, always prepared, so I'm always "borrowing" extra batteries from him. Well, this past Christmas, he bundled up dozens of batteries of every conceivable type and sent them to me! Joe, thanks for the Christmas presents. I'll never run out of batteries again!

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