Exchange Online: Validate-OutboundConnector: Meet the coolest Cmdlet that I never knew about, until now.


I actually stumbled across a neat cmdlet that I have never noticed before, Validate-OutboundConnector. It basically allows you to observe and validate the route that your messages take through your connectors in the cloud. 

The Who and the What:

Simply connect to remote powershell and run Validate-OutboundConnector -Identity "Connector Name" -Recipients "" and you'll get a cool play by play of the hops your email takes to it's destination. You can also throw in the '-Verbose' switch

Below is an example that I ran, you can also run it with the '-Verbose' switch if you like.

PS C:\Users\Mitchel> Validate-OutboundConnector -Identity Outbound -Recipients

RunspaceId : 381ab9da-18d2-4f80-a44a-eea4f82cde89
TaskName : Connector Validation
IsTaskSuccessful : True

Timestamp:6/8/2015 8:54:43 AM
MessageSubject:Test email for connector validation
<> Queued mail for
EventData:E2ELatency:2.813, ExternalSendLatency:1.969, Microsoft.Exchange.Hygiene.TenantOutboundConn
ectorCustomData:Name=Outbound;ConnectorType=Partner;UseMxRecord=True, ToEntity:Internet,
FromEntity:Unknown, MsgRecipCount:1, OutboundProxyTargetIPAddress:,, OutboundProxyFrontendName:BL2FFO11FD031,
DeliveryPriority:Normal,, OriginalFromAddress:<>,

; SubTasksResults = TaskName =; IsTaskSuccessful = True; TaskDetail = OK;
SubTasksResults = |
Identity :
ObjectState : New
IsValid : True

You can confirm success on your end by looking for this value:

IsTaskSuccessful : True

Your recipient will get a nice test message confirming it:


It's also helpful if another admin from another company is blaming you/us unnecessarily, sending them this output is pretty hard to argue with. You can also script this to easily send in intervals or run against multiple connectors as well various other troubleshooting/monitoring scenarios.

I didn't see any real mention of it anywhere on the internet, so I decided to write a blog post in the interim. I hope it helps!


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  1. BeAtting_PP39 says:

    Great post which helps me a lot, thanks mate!!!

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