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Welcome to my TechNet Blog!

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Who is writing here?

My name is Miriam Wiesner. I work at Microsoft as Premier Field Engineer, specialized on Secure Infrastructure.

This is my TechNet blog, where I will post from time to time new blog posts about Security issues and helpful advice to secure your infrastructure.

I also write blog posts for my private blog: my articles there do not always treat Microsoft or Security issues, but they do often. If you are interested in my other blog posts and writing, you are warmly welcomed to check it out: miriamxyra.com

Prior to my work as Premier Field Engineer, I worked as Systems Administrator, Programmer, System Engineer and Consultant & Penetration Tester (I also built my own pentesting department, but that's another story).

What do I do as a Premier Field Engineer?

As a Premier Field Engineer I am mostly at customer's offices, either assessing their environment or helping them solving their security issues. Sometimes I also do a presentation if they are interested for example in new security features in the latest Windows Server release.

So I travel a lot. Mostly in Germany, but also EMEA wide. Sometimes there are customers who need exactly my skillset and there is no local PFE who can help.

I discover a lot of beautiful places - I never traveled that much in my life so far.

While traveling I discovered a new hobby: every time I pass a Microsoft Office, I ask a colleague to take a photo in front of the building to collect photos of all the Microsoft Offices I have ever been to.

Microsoft Office Munich, Germany

In front of the Microsoft Office in Bucharest, Romania

At the side entrance of Microsoft Berlin, Germany

Where does my passion for IT security come from?

Honestly - I have no idea. Since I was a little girl, I was passionate about technology. I wanted to know how computers work. That's why I taught myself how to write code when I was 8.

I was always interested in IT security, but I was not sure how to use this interest, since hacking was quite a bad thing, wasn't it? So I learned all this stuff secretly in private, hoping nobody will know (of course harming no one).

Later when I already worked a few years in IT, I found out, that there actually IS a legal way to improve one's security skills. A whole IT security branch has been built during the years I worked as administrator or programmer and that there actually is a need for security experts.

So I began to learn "officially" security skills, participated in CTFs, wrote articles for my blog or the Hakin9 magazine, and created hacking tutorials on YouTube (I even won a security video contest with my first video).

Enjoy my blog

However you found this blog, I hope you'll enjoy my articles. Have fun and see you around!

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  1. I appreciate your hard work, how you start as a little girl and you grew up and become bigger and bigger and you fulfil your dreams as reality and you become an engineer.
    You are ambitious person.
    It is a very great article as someone define himself with a very good attitude. I hope to read more of your blog on the coming futur.

    1. Thank you, Hassan! There will be more blog articles soon – stay tuned.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hello there, thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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