Securing your infrastructure with Just Enough Administration

I was giving a talk about Just Enough Administration (JEA) at PSConfEU 2018 in Hannover and I also wanted to share my thoughts with you writing this blog post. My PSConfEU presentation and demo code can be found on GitHub. The recording on the session will be released soon on the official PSConfEU YouTube channel…


Stop using LAN Manager and NTLMv1!

When performing Security checks in customer environments I often find out that LAN Manager or NTLMv1 is still allowed. Most customers don’t know that this setting leaves the environment highly vulnerable to attacks targeting their authentication methods. Why you should not use LAN Manager and NTLMv1 anymore you will read in this article.


Hello World!

Welcome to my TechNet Blog! Write-Host “Hello World!” Who is writing here? My name is Miriam Wiesner. I work at Microsoft as Premier Field Engineer, specialized on Secure Infrastructure. This is my TechNet blog, where I will post from time to time new blog posts about Security issues and helpful advice to secure your infrastructure….