Technology Will Play Key Role in Helping the Class of 2012 Find Jobs

As college commencements have come and gone, graduates are polishing their resumes in the hopes of landing their dream job.  With the increasing popularity of digital and social media, graduates will need to incorporate job hunting techniques that go beyond the traditional methods in order to be successful in today’s job market. 

Technologies such as smartphone apps, Web tools and social media networks are not only useful when leveraged in career searches, they are also necessary to promote a job seeker’s personal brand among prospective employers.  And, while a degree in a particular field is an obvious requirement, nowadays, recruiters are looking for candidates who have experience in their chosen field and who will represent their company in a professional manner – especially when it comes to online technology and social media utilization.

Fortunately, Microsoft has developed tips and resources for recent graduates to help them master the art of interviewing in the digital age:

  • Establish an online presence: Demonstrate industry knowledge and professional views on relevant work topics by utilizing social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and creating a blog with software such as Windows Live Writer to showcase your skills and build your visibility.
  • Build your software proficiency: Employers are looking for candidates who are tech-savvy. Take advantage of free and student-discounted training opportunities so you can hit the ground running. Check out office training tutorials for more information.
  • Use search engines like Bing to find recruiters: Search engines give graduates ways to directly contact recruiters who used to be hard to find. Graduates can also stay informed of the latest industry news by setting up monitoring and alerts.
  • Be professional in all online communications: First impressions are everything, and for recruiters that could mean viewing a prospective employee’s Facebook page, recent tweet or YouTube video.  Before posting something online, think about whether it will help or hurt your chances of earning a position with a reputable company. For more info and tips on managing your online reputation refer to this Microsoft blog post.

It’s no secret today’s graduates are entering a very difficult job market. By taking advantage of technology and these tips, they can give themselves a competitive advantage in finding their first professional job.

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