Xbox Takes Over Your TV

With Major League Baseball in full swing and the season’s hottest TV shows ramping up, it’s time to hook up your Xbox 360 and take advantage of the interactive entertainment experience you’ve been waiting for.  Xbox 360 is introducing three major entertainment apps ready for Xbox LIVE Gold members: MLB.TV, Comcast Xfinity TV and HBO GO, which also come equipped with Kinect integration.

Baseball fans can now plug into MLB.TV and become the ultimate spectator. With the MLB.TV app, you can watch live and on-demand games in HD on your Xbox 360. If you can’t decide which game to watch, direct the app to watch two games at once with the Spilt Screen feature.  And if you need to see the play again, Kinect allows you to pause and rewind live games – just with your voice or the wave of your hand.

Not sure what’s on tonight? Just tell your Xbox 360 what you want to watch.  Xbox LIVE Gold members can access Comcast Xfinity TV on-demand services.  Voice recognition allows you to search through a massive entertainment library, including the new Streampix library, a service where members enjoy unlimited streaming of past episodes from top-rated shows and movies. 

Bummed that you missed the first episode of Game of Thrones? With HBO GO on Xbox 360, the entire catalogue of live and on-demand content - yes, every episode of every show - is now available. Using Kinect’s voice search you can watch missed episodes or check out the HBO catalogue reminisce with your old friends Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, or branch out and make a few new friends!

So, whether you are following your favorite teams, streaming your must-see shows or revisiting classic programs, Xbox LIVE helps you stay connected. To learn more about these offerings, visit Xbox LIVE.

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