Bing Partners with Anti-Bullying Documentary “Bully”

Just in this year alone, more than 13 million kids in the U.S. reported being bullied and each month 3 million-plus students have intentionally missed school because they felt unsafe. The shocking truth is bullying affects millions of kids every single day.

These startling statistics are the reason Lee Hirsch and The Weinstein Company created “Bully,” a documentary focused on getting parents, students, educators and advocates involved in the fight against bullying.

And Microsoft is getting involved in this initiative. Bing recently announced its partnership with The Weinstein Company to help promote the documentary and raise awareness of the serious implications of bullying, as well as encourage more Americans to stand up to the harassment that kids are facing. Together, the companies will launch a multi-million dollar, multi-media campaign to promote “Bully,” with the rallying cry "stop bullying."

Bully hits theaters in Minneapolis on April 13. Be sure to buy your tickets and support the Bully project by donating to the film’s social action campaign here.

Also, check out how Bing has joined the “Bully” movement to help drive change here

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