General Mills Supports Gluten-Free Fans with Microsoft Technology

Celiac disease, also known as an intolerance to gluten proteins found in certain grains, impacts approximately 3 million Americans. To put this number in prospective, the number of Americans living with this disorder could fill the Minnesota Twin’s home field, Target Field, nearly 75 times!

To assist the large majority of people facing Celiac disease, General Mills built a direct-to-consumer online-channel to help individuals locate and shop for gluten-free foods and access information on diet and health. 

By using Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform, General Mills was able to build this resource in the cloud. And so far, the company has seen substantial site traffic, sales, consumer enthusiasm and positive social media feedback from over 90,000 Facebook fans.

General Mills recognizes the growing importance of meeting the needs of all consumers, including those who have restrictive diets. Microsoft is pleased to offer the necessary technology to accommodate this large audience and elevate the burden that many of these individuals face.

For more information, be sure to check out the full press release here.

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