So why: ‘Wet String and Sellotape’…?

  So it’s probably worth a post to enlighten a few of you on the new title I have decided upon for this blog. There have been a few people who have impacted me whilst I have been working in the IT Industry and I love hearing new phrases that different people use around the…


Moving on…

For a number of years now I have had the huge opportunity of working with a very talented bunch of folks in Microsoft UK and the UK technology market. Whether it was in my early days in Microsoft UK in the Enterprise customer space or later on in the Small and Medium Partner world I…


Offtopic – love cars?

  Love cars? Check out this blog: Just fab!


The Future of Web Search

A very simple post here, amazing work from the Microsoft Live Labs team – simple and really cool graphics using Silverlight. I love the following: The Halo skin (okay so I am a sucker!) The graphics around the different types of content search The accuracy and speed Try it out for yourself, I suspect this…


My favourite books…

  Thought I would share my favourite books with you all: Social Intelligence – Daniel Goleman How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie Fish! – Stephen C. Lundin The Art of War – Sun Tzu Good to Great – Jim Collins All well worth a read and fantastic books! Enjoy!


Top Stuff I have seen recently..

Made me smile:  How to tell if your boss is nuts: saw this from the brilliant Execupundit blog: Think I might be lucky having read some of those weirdo options to tick!


Human 2.0: Windows Compute Human Server…early product team discussions..

So as you will have seen last week and will see again tomorrow we have been out and about with the Partner TV video camera taking shots from the product teams when we manage to catch them! Here is a fascinating video clip of some early work we have planned – all around making Human…


Is Google Enterprise Search a joke?

Well that was the title of a recent ZDNet article – and there was one question in particular that Donna asked which caught my eye: How Google will specifically be able to significantly grow Google Enterprise revenues, given the core products have 1) low price points and 2) no services income stream? The reason this…