Offtopic - Humour and Irony - Laser ice levelling - nice!

Have to love the technology used to level the runway in Antarctica for the first regular link down there from Oz…..cannot help thinking about the irony of landing a plane on the ice in order to study the environment….lol     Good weekend all!


Fast plan to get into High End Enterprise Search...!

Here are some more stories all around the FAST announcement yesterday – you have to love the manner in which the story is reported differently in the different media – Hats off to the IHT for using a picture of Bill Gates with Slash from Guns ‘n’ Roses to add just a touch of exotica…


Merry Christmas....yo ho ho greetings from all at Microsoft!

Dear Friend & Business Partner, I would like to thank you for all your hard work and passion in 2007 – the SharePoint business has seen tremendous growth in the last year at Microsoft and this can be attributed to you our loyal partners. From knowing many of you personally and having worked with all…


Top Stuff I have seen recently..

Made me smile:  How to tell if your boss is nuts: saw this from the brilliant Execupundit blog: Think I might be lucky having read some of those weirdo options to tick!


Things that make me smile...World Communications Awards...:-)

So there I was working away and an e-mail from the World Communications Awards dropped into my inbox – so I had a quick look and the irony was amazing! Made me smile – happens to us all!


Human 2.0: Windows Compute Human Server...early product team discussions..

So as you will have seen last week and will see again tomorrow we have been out and about with the Partner TV video camera taking shots from the product teams when we manage to catch them! Here is a fascinating video clip of some early work we have planned – all around making Human…


Overtime for mobile mail users?

Was trawling around a few blogs and came across this interesting article on Over-Time Pay For Reading E-mail on Your Blackberry at Home now it does strike me as amusing for the following reasons:   Surely if this is legal advice from am esteemed law professor, then I should be charged for each 6 minute increment…


CCS and MSFT Share price...!

So whilst we run the first user group for CCS at Microsoft, look what happens to the MSFT share price!   Made me smile!


Great new look...just 'wash and go' for blogs!

  Huge huge thanks to my mate Matt for helping me make this blog look soooo much better! Really needed the ‘pimp my blog’ experience! If you fancy checking out Vista, Virtualisation and more then check out his blog Peering through Windows. Enjoy!


Great ballmer video on Google and joining Microsoft

Nice refreshing video here showing you a relaxed Steve and his views on Google as well as his joining process into Microsoft: Ballmer: Google’s growth strategy is ‘insane’ Kind of cool and candid – hope you all have a great weekend! Enjoy!