So why: ‘Wet String and Sellotape’…?


So it's probably worth a post to enlighten a few of you on the new title I have decided upon for this blog. There have been a few people who have impacted me whilst I have been working in the IT Industry and I love hearing new phrases that different people use around the world to really simply explain what they like, love and enthuse about. Most of these can be fantastic passive interrupts to help you to steer meetings on track and or help people to stay to the point. These are some of the phrases that still ring in my head and I try to keep on remembering when talking to partners and customers about what we do:

'Mike I don't care if it's wet string and sellotape as long as I can make money from it and or it saves me money elsewhere!'

So the big learning is really very very simple but how many times do we hear presentations or meetings that place all the emphasis on the 'what' and less on the impact or value?

Other great phrases that have stayed with me include:

'I need to know it's like selling £5 notes for 50p'

'We were born with two ears and one mouth lad remember that!'

'Have you ever been asked to do a comedy show on TV? might be because your jokes aren't really that funny'

So what can you expect going forward from this blog. Well it will be straight talking, have more of a global outlook as I head on my travels, so far in the diary I have Canada, Wastern Europe, Central and Eastern Europe and of course Seattle when I finally arrive!

I hope you enjoy my musings!

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  1. Mike P_1 says:

    Copy away Terry – the more people using simple terms to explain the ‘Magic of Software’ the better!

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