Windows HPC Server 2008 Beta Survey – free bits, free book, thanks from Lord Waite!


Some of you will know the great man Lord Waite (they tell me the House of Lords is considering this upgrade to the existing Mr Waite as I type..) who looks after Windows HPC development alongside a team of merry men. He is currently on bended knee asking for your help; be you a customer or partner to help in checking the new and highly exciting Windows HPC Server 2008. Check out what you need to do below:


Windows HPC Server 2008 Beta Survey


You’ve been invited to provide data to Microsoft about the beta of Windows HPC Server 2008. Your feedback is valuable and will help shape future versions of Windows HPC Server. Thank you thank you thank you.

In exchange for completing this survey we’ll mail you a copy of the brand new Microsoft Press book, “Windows Server® 2008 Inside Out” by William R. Stanek. This 1500 page book provides detailed information about administering Windows Server 2008. For more information on this book please go to:

There are 5 steps to completing this survey: 1) Install our beta, 2) Complete our written survey, 3) Provide HPC Server diagnostics to Microsoft, 4) Provide SQM data to Microsoft, and 5) package up and mail the results to Microsoft.

Here is more information about each of the steps:

1. Install the Beta

The Windows HPC Server 2008 beta is available from Microsoft Connect at To sign up for the beta go to, click on “Available Connections” and select “Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008 Beta” from the list. Follow the instructions for signing up for the beta.

Install the beta on one or more x64 servers.

Support is provided in the newsgroups at We will respond to questions within 48 hours, and often within 24 hours.

2. Complete the Written Survey

Please complete the attached survey (attachment at the base of this post)

3. Provide Diagnostics Results

Windows HPC Server 2008 provides diagnostics tests to help administrators identify problems with their clusters. Please follow these steps to provide diagnostics results.

1. Start the Windows HPC Server 2008 Administration Console

2. Click on “Diagnostics” in the lower left hand corner of the console

3. Run all diagnostics tests against all nodes in your cluster

4. Copy the results of diagnostics tests into Microsoft Word or a text file.

4. Provide SQM Data

SQM (Software Quality Metrics) is a tool that provides information about usage of Microsoft products back to Microsoft. You may have seen SQM in products like MSN Messenger where you’re asked if you want to participate in the “Customer Experience Improvement Program”.

If your server has Internet connectivity then it will automatically provide SQM data to Microsoft during the beta. You can disable SQM. Please note, SQM is not turned on by default in released Microsoft products. In released products users must “opt-in.”

If you do not have Internet connectivity from your cluster collect the .SQM files from:


5. Mail Results to Microsoft

Please package up the Survey, the Diagnostics results, and the SQM files in a .ZIP file.

If you were invited to participate in this survey by a Microsoft employee please send the .ZIP file to that Microsoft employee.

If you were not invited by a specific Microsoft employee please mail the .ZIP file to me and my colleague Alex Sutton directly. My address is and Alex’s address is

Thank you again for taking the time to provide this valuable feedback.

Best regards,

Lord Waite

(Nota Bene: I may have changed Ryan's title for the sake of mirth and merriment he is also known as Group Program Manager – Windows HPC)

Windows HPC Server 2008 Beta Survey.doc

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