An audience with Bill Gates…what will he be focussing on now?

I was fortunate enough to be invited to listen to Bill Gates at his last official appearance in the UK whilst still in his full time role as Chief Software Architect. He spoke around a  few topics and then the most interesting part were questions from the amassed partners. The one which stood out for me was what will you be focusing on now you are going part-time at Microsoft. The short version of his answer is as follows:

  1. Search - Internet and enterprise search
  2. Natural User Interfaces
  3. Office - and the future productivity suites

Fantastic to see we will still have his mind on Search!

Dave Overton posted a great few posts covering this all in more detail  - check it out below:

What Bill Gates said he will be working on once he stops his full time role - from 2008 Partner Pre-launch event


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