Microsoft Search Server Launched – Free Version Available!!


Okay so finally I can talk about something that has been brewing here for a very long time!

Today we have announced the release of the release candidate for Microsoft Search Server the really exciting bit is the release of an Express version which for those of you familiar with Microsoft terminology means a free version. This is really cool for partners for the following reasons:

  1. It allows partners to give customers the experience of MOSS07 search for a far reduced price - the Microsoft Search Server Express can be used for giving all prospects an idea of the power of Enterprise Search - like these customers have had
  2. It allows hosters a brilliant way of adding detailed search into all their hosted websites free of charge - nice

In the UK specifically we already have some customers using this technology - very cool indeed and they love it!

So what's new compared to MOSS for Search that we have had around for a while:

  • Simplified Installation Experience
  • Enhanced Administration Interface
  • New Federation Capabilities
  • Performance and Stability Enhancements
  • No Preset Document Limits

For those of you who already have MOSS or are intending to buy it then don't worry you will automatically get the feature enhancements within the product through MOSS07 SP1. The full detail of the Microsoft Search Server can be seen in this presentation.

Here are some screen shots of the install experience and welcome screen:






Download it here - FREE!


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