Software Passion…or a means to an end…


I have been waiting to write about software passion for a little while now, and just recently have had two great examples of Software Passion in Business:


  1. Attending the Partnering for the Future day at Microsoft Research Cambridge - we gathered a group of entrepreneurs together and spoke about the challenges in the industry and how we can address them together - check out a whole oodle of detail here on Steve's blog
  2. Reading the Top Gear blog about the motor industry and passion in Motor Industry Execs - nice post here


So what does all this make me think about, and why am I posting this under Search and Business?

  1. If you don't love what you do then go do something else - a bit like that Blue Monster
  2. Whatever you are doing, do it with passion - it might be just putting up a shelf - but do it so you care if not why bother?

When I look at the software world there are people who play in the software sandpit who really don't care about your data and about what software does - whether that be those people who don't respond to customer calls for support when there is a security bug or those who are really after something else. If you are a partner or a customer make sure you do a few things before engaging with any business:

  1. Check they are serious and passionate about what they do - buyer and partner beware, so how can you tell: do they give you a plan of how they can grow with your business plan, how will you be able to change the way you work with a given supplier so that you can meet industry or government guidelines - think compliance in Finance and or mobile working directives?
  2. Check they are in it for the long term and will back you when the proverbial hits the fan - and if it does - can you get your information from a particular supplier format and into other freely available standards?

I guess the main thing is just to check that they care about what you do and if they don't then walk away. Some people just want a market to achieve out for them...'cos their best interests may not match yours in the short, medium or long term...

Just food for thought....information is with people who think likewise and respect yours!

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