Comcast to switch from Google to Microsoft – more to it methinks!

Just seen this post over on LiveSide 'Comcast unhappy with Google, may use MS Search?' Now it would be very easy for me to start crowing about the business proposition that Microsoft has, the account teams, the customer care, the security development lifecycle allowing us to compete strategically by business processes we follow etc but I smell procurement voodoo going on here!

Allow me to digress for 30 seconds if I may: today I had a double glazing salesman over to check out my place for some new windows - now did I hand over a signed cheque with the first chap who walked in the door - nope I went to tender (short process took 2 days) and got a few quotes - then we all bartered.

Now I imagine back in the 20th century when the first double glazing arrived, maybe people like me had no choice and so the salesman could be the King of armchair sales. Well, guess what - choice brings competition and a better commercial deal for customers - I am of course only talking about double glazing... 🙂

So what do I think about the Comcast article? Blimmin' great, it means we are at the table - who would have thought it from reading some of the blog posts over the weekend!

Bring it on!!

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