Giving…fancy joining in?


So I was having a look around at a few blogs over the weekend and I read the following really interesting post: 

It made me think about using this blog to highlight a charity a few mates and I run in our spare time called the Silicon Cup - the idea is simple:

  • 2 days of sailing per year in one huge event
  • The IT Industry at large with their vendors, suppliers and customers - Vodafone, O2, Accenture, Doherty, TBS, SUN and IBM - you name it they come
  • 800ish people, 80ish yachts ranging from World Class yachts to very very simple sailing boats racing and partying for 2 days
  • Best value corporate hospitality money can buy

So far we have raised around £200,000 for children's charities over the last few years, if you fancy 2 great fun days in September and want to give something back then please get in touch with myself through the blog or directly through the Silicon Cup website - thanks!

Comments (1)

  1. Andrew says:

    You and your buddies are absolutely amazing. Keep up the great work!

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