More on presentations..had me in tears..

Simple choice it's either me or the presenter...decisions decisions...


Now this really made me laugh out loud, Rowan from Fortify your Oasis has some absolutely superb points to describe those less skilled presenters:


  • Ass Narcissism - "I’m just going to turn my back on you now and read all my slides off the screen. Enjoy the view!"
  • Tolstoy wannabe - "I know that I can fit the entire text of War & Peace onto the next three slides. Thank God for sub-bullets!"
  • Myopia - these presenters literally cannot see beyond the end of their nose and so fail to notice that their audience is either asleep or has gone home
  • Tunnel vision - those who can see only the one person in the audience who is smiling and nodding out of sympathy, not the other 99 who have fallen asleep/gone home
  • "I'm Eclipse Boy!" - "There must be some moth in my genetic heritage; but you can read the slide off my chest can’t you?"
  • Hypoempathy - presenters who use the phrase, “Now this is a very important point” more than once never ask themselves the essential question - important to who?
  • "Gotta sing, gotta dance" - "Sure, this topic could have been covered in an email, but what can I say? I just loooove being bathed in the glow of the data projector."
  • Slide amnesia - a subset of Ass Narcissism, when the presenter seems surprised that a certain slide has popped up on screen and is forced to read it out word for word …
  • Dispunctional - the presenter has no concept of time and is eating into the next presenter's slot or, worse yet, into coffee break
  • Complarrogance - a rare condition, characterised by all of the above symptoms


The only one missing is:

  • Jazz Hands - those people who imitate a puppeteer on speed whilst presenting (aka me :-()

Loving the work Rowan!

Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    One for the Easter weekend….sometimes life can pass you by and you have to look at what is truly important.

  2. Mike P_1 says:

    No worries Robert – and there’s me with perfect presentation ability!! Imagine a lot of hand waving at that point!

  3. Robert says:

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for linking to my blog. I love this list. I have to check Rowan’s blog. I am guilty of many of these but probably most of all ‘slide amnesia’.

  4. Rowan Manahan says:

    Glad it raised a smile Mike and I just cracked up at your ‘jazz hands’ which I’ve now added (with attribution) to the Manifesto.



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