Zune in #2 slot for portable digital player market…not bad after first 4 days of sales!

With all the popular bashing of the Zune going on at the moment you have to ask yourself a couple of things:

1. Have you test driven the product?

2. Have you seen the actual numbers for the first week of launch?

Nice article from CNN on the launch and the real stats:


So what does this remind me of, well you dont have to go back that far to uncover similar tales:

1. Launch of the first ever Smartphone from Orange in the UK - received dismal initial reception now look at the range on offer at our friends at www.expansys.com

2. Launch of the XBOX - now check out the critical acclaim we receive for the XBOX 360 and the awards we received for the original XBOX

Hmmm feels like we are in familiar territory again....look forward to the next few years and lets see what happens! 

Game on!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    CNNMoney.com is reporting that the Zune music player from Microsoft edged out SanDisk for the #2 spot

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