Announcement: Hands on Enterprise Search Course coming up..!

Righty ho – (not yo, ho, ho quite yet..) check out this great Enterprise Search course coming up. The course consists of 8 hours of hands on how do you do it stuff! We will be running 5 of these courses from December and running 1 per month – have a good look and watch out for the link to register for the training coming up soon J For those of you not lucky enough to live in the UK I have asked for these courses to be videoed and we will post these up on Partner TV in mid December as a slightly early Christmas present J

Course Outline

Module 1: Overview of the Business Needs and Challenges

§  Identify the market and business drivers for search technology

§  Identify search challenges

§  Explore a customer business problem


Module 2: Foundation Technical Concepts for Search on Desktop Computers

§  Explain the basic concepts of Search and other component technologies

§  Review the flow of information (with current technology) as it pertains to each of these technologies

·        Lab: Installing WDS

Course Outline (continued)

·        Examining WDS GPO options

·        Indexing the Desktop

·        Lab: Installing Windows Live Search Center


Module 3: Bringing Microsoft’s Search Together on the Server

§  Explain the basic concepts of Search on the server and other component technologies

§  Explore what is needed to add Search to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)

§  Review the flow of information (with current technology) as it pertains to each of these technologies

§  Lab: Configuring Search in SharePoint

·        SharePoint Admin Console

·        Enabling New Search Features

·        Crawling Internal and External Web Sites

§  Lab: Configuring BDC

§  Lab: Configuring KN (People Finder)


Module 4: Searching Microsoft Dynamics CRM

§  Features and functionality of Microsoft CRM

·        Lab: Configuring Search to add Microsoft CRM

·        Lab: Creating In-context Searches

·        Lab: Search the Enterprise


Module 5: Integrating Search into the Enterprise

§  Looking at business problems

§  Who is a good candidate customer?

§  Additional income


Module 6: Next Steps for Partners in Quick Start Search Specialization

§  Overview of the Quick Start Search program

§  Next steps

Here's the cool bit: if you would like to have other topics covered in this course then mail me or post a comment and we will throw it in if it makes sense 🙂


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    As I posted last week the hands on Enterprise Search course is now available for registration here:

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