HPC – The way all computing will look…

So I have blatantly just taken that headline from a post on Port25 by Michael Freedman a Distinguished Engineer from Santa Barbara. He wrote the following which perfectly captures what Microsoft are doing in the HPC space and why we are entering this market:


I won’t reiterate what Michael talks about but I would definitely encourage you to read the comments sections on the blog. Reason being is that there is a great debate between Farhan, Hank Janssen and Kishi Malhotra about where the MS HPC offering and opportunity for partners and customers is going to sit. The resume is as follows:

  • MS HPC will open up a space for new systems not traditionally thought of as HPC opportunity (up to 64 nodes)

  • Smaller customers will be able to adopt our technologies due to the shift in price point in the market

  • This will drive volume sales in the market, the size of which will be larger than the previous market as the MS offering appeals to the wider audience brining new opportunity to partners


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