Microsoft Search gaining credibility and seen as a compelling differentiator for Microsoft Partners… – read the report here!

Sure some of you have seen this article in InfoToday about the Search offering in SPS 2007 - some great industry acknowledgements in here, some of the quotes are below but the link takes you to the full article! My favorite quote is the following:

"If Microsoft makes this function part of SPS, it will pose a serious threat to companies offering  SharePoint specific search enhancements and be a strong competitive challenge to Google and it's Appliance and Onebox API"

Microsoft—Faceted Search Coming Soon?
by Paula J. Hane

According to Arnold, given the economies of scale that Microsoft has, its lower cost systems with embedded search may be priced as much as 90 percent less than text mining systems sold by competitors like Autonomy plc and FAST Search & Transfer. This will put further price pressure on enterprise search sector leaders trying to get top dollar for their enterprise platforms.

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